We offer the following Notary Services:

Acknowledgements & Jurats

Does your document require an Acknowldegement or Jurat? We can handle both. Keep in mind though that we are not attorneys and cannot give any legal advice. If you are unsure what is needed in your particular case, please talk to the person/company who provided the document, or consult with your local attorney.

Apostille Service

Does your document need to be used in a foreign country and requires an Apostille? We offer regular and "rush" Apostille Service. Call us at 818-245-1345 to inquire about same day service availability.

Documents Notarizations

We can handle a variety of documents including (but not limited) to:

  • Loan Documents
  • Trust Certification
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Real Estate Deeds (Grant-, Transfer-, Quitclaim Deeds, etc.)
  • Other documents that we can "legally" notarize